Finding a Coordinate Box Given an Equation

In the last version of the function in a coordinate box type questions, the SAT might switch things around a bit. They might give you the equation, and ask you which table corresponds with the given equation.

For example:

For the linear function (y=3x+2), which table correctly matches the value of x with their corresponding y values?





Using the same strategy we used for the other function in a coordinate box problems, we simply plug in the given x-value from our table, and solve for its corresponding y-value. Doing this, we can find which coordinate box contains x-inputs and y-outputs that match our equation.

For inequalities:

Sometimes, the SAT will give you inequalities like (y>2x+1) instead of simple equations. Don’t fret! You can use the same approach to these problems. We can calculate the boundary by plugging the x values into the equation (y=2x+1). Then we ensure that the y values listed are greater than this boundary to satisfy the inequality.