Unit 67: 2 and 3 Part Problems

On Section 4 of the Math test, you will have a set of problems where there is an introduction, followed by 2 or 3 problems that refer back to this information.  They may be noticed by an image like the following:


  1. Pay close attention to which questions are referencing the initial information/image.
    • Sometimes, the third problem will be on the next page of the test.  Many (many!) students miss these problems because they aren’t solvable without the information already given.  
  2. If you are stuck, start plugging into the equation they gave you.  Usually, this will be a linear equation.  

For instance, $$a=1,052+1.08t$$

The speed of a sound wave in air depends on the air temperature. The formula above shows the relationship between a, the speed of a sound wave, in feet per second, and t, the air temperature, in degrees Fahrenheit (°F). 

If you were stuck on a question relating to this problem, you could ask yourself, “do I know a or ?” You might also ask yourself what happens if you set t to 0, which would give you your y intercept, and as you no doubt recall from the unit on linear equations, the y intercept is going to be your starting point (or flat fee).  

These problems can be some of the hardest on the test, even though they usually appear early on in Section 4.  If one really confuses you (which is common), skip it and come back at the end.