Unit 61: Logical Placement

This question type asks you to move a sentence around in a paragraph (usually) or passage (rarely), or to move a paragraph around in a passage (very rarely).  You’ll know it when you see:

  • To make this paragraph most logical, sentence X should be placed…
  • To make this passage most logical, paragraph X should be placed…

An example:

To make this paragraph most logical, sentence 6 should be placed

A) where it is now. 
B) after sentence 2. 
C) after sentence 3. 
D) after sentence 4 


  1. Analyze the sentence you are being asked to move around. Is there a hint as to what idea should come right before or after the sentence?
  2. Read the sentence in all four positions until you find one that works.

These questions are the most time consuming on section 2.  If you find you are short of time on section 2, skip this question type and do it last.  You can answer 3 or 4 other questions in the time it takes to answer one of these.  It’s far better to guess at one question if you run out of time than three or four.  Circle it in your test book (never on your answer sheet!) and come back.

Back to our example:

When we look at sentence 6, we see the ‘however’ is drawing a contrast to some sort of place.  Reading the sentence before (sentence 5) and looking at the transition where it currently is, doesn’t seem to work.  There is no mention of a place in sentence 5.  We can rule out A).

If we look at answer B) and read sentence 2, there is again no mention of a place.  We can rule out B).

In choice C), after sentence 3, we see “elite universities of the world”.  That’s a place or places!  We should look at D).

In answer D), we see sentence 4 also contains no place.