DONE Unit 33: Accomplish the Goal

On the SAT, you will see a lot of “Accomplish the Goal” style questions that will ask you to choose the best answer to accomplish the writer’s goal, or effectively support a claim that the writer is trying to make.

This is a question type that appears a few times on every test. You’ll know it when you see the following:

  1. The answer choices are quotes
    • You must determine which quote most effectively “accomplishes the goal” of the author
  2. The context gives you a list of student notes
    • You must determine how to use information from these notes to best support the claim of the author

These questions ask you to choose the answer choice that accomplishes one or, sometimes, two goals. That’s it!


  1. Read the question very closely and identify the specific goal the answer choice must accomplish.
  2. Search for the answer choice that best accomplishes that goal! On these questions you can ignore if the answer choice sounds grammatically incorrect and the length of the answer. All we care about is accomplishing that goal.

For example, you might see:

The student wants to make and support a generalization about the formation of stars. Which choice most effectively uses relevant information from the notes to accomplish these goals?

We have to choose an answer that makes and supports a generalization. Three of the answers will do one or the other. Only one answer will do both.

Sometimes, you’ll only have one goal, but the approach is the same.

At this point, the writer wants to add a quote about the policy outcome of the research described. Which choice best accomplishes this goal?

To answer this, we need something that describes a policy outcome. Descriptions of research or other things will be incorrect.